Cable Management

Tehalit is one of the leading brand of hager Group. Tehalit is the market leading of cable management system, To be number 1 brand of cable management system in Eurpoe, she can fulfil all kind of application like offers, industrial, schools, hospital and etc.

Tehalit - Reliable supply of power and data

With the top level technology and state of arts in Europe, Tehalit offer a high effecient & convenience cable management experience to gou.

Various types of cables and wires can be installed in the Tehalit cable management system.

Systems for any location
  • Tehalit offers different systems which provide a flexible solution that satisfies the growing demand for power and data in most locations.
  • Technical perfection, high quality and safety standards which exceed the common norm as well as a fine design for every single component.
Well-known product design
  • The shapes and colours of the Tehalit system impress even internationally successful interior designers and have often been part of outstanding architectural projects.

Product features

  • All connections needed for computers and telephone systems can be realized very simply with Tehalit systems.
  • Wherever power and data have to be available, they are transported there in the safest and most beautiful way with the Tehalit systems.
  • Tehalit's solutions for data communication can be adapted again and again to the requirements at the work place.
  • With Tehalit, it is easy to have socket outlets positioned exactly where they are needed, for office equipment, like a copier.

Outstanding quality standard

  • The most advanced tools, such as CAD systems, are used in the development of Tehalit products.
  • Color mixtures must meet the highest quality standards in the Tehalit laboratory before being approved for use in the production process.
  • Extrusion is a technique used to manufacture high-grade plastic elements for Tehalit systems.
  • Tehalit components are painted in an elaborate process that assures maximum color lasting for many years.
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