Cable management

The Tehalit programme is a very good example of comprehensive, universal systems in the field of cable management and device assembly.


In addition to systems of casings and skirting boards, of distribution channels and installation channels, the programme includes very rigid cable runs: the perfect solution for heavy cable tension. The Tehalit range of products, with its innovative features and its quality, sets a new standard for modern electrical wiring, in terms of safety, economy and flexibility. The refined design of Tehalit products makes them in all respects the ideal complement to the Hager programme.


  • All connections needed for computers and telephone systems can be realized very simply with Tehalit systems.
  • Wherever power and data have to be available, they are transported there in the safest and most beautiful way with the Tehalit systems.
  • Tehalit's solutions for data communication can be adapted again and again to the requirements at the workplace.
  • Color mixtures must meet the highest quality standards in tests in the Tehalit laboratory before being approved for use in the production process.
  • Extrusion is a technique used to manufacture high-grade plastic elements for Tehalit systems.
  • Tehalit components are painted in an elaborate process that assures maximum colorlastness for many years.