Floor distribution system surface mounting

With simple elements easy to assemble you will arrive/depart to/from any point with your wires being well protectecd.

Floor distribution system surface mounting

You have retroactively to distribute power and data in an existing office space? This means time and effort or...the Tehalit floor distribution system.

And this is only a small part of a universal concept which gives you more flexibility in the usually quite rigid floor type installations.

Advantages of the system

  • The 4 compartments in the aluminium floor trunking ensure that power and data are well and safely separated

  • The flat chain is flexible enough to adapt to most configurations but strong enough that you can walk on it

  • The universal floor distribution box connects the aluminium floor trunking and the flexible chain from any side and in different ways to suit all needs to creat an effcient equipment of the working place

Installation examples of connection to other Tehalit systems

  • Safe and practical. Get rid of the dangerous stumble traps

  • No problem to connect the flat chain to the BR system

  • The lamination G7122 AND G7123 fit on the poles and offer the possibility to adapt flat chains or aluminium floor trunking

  • The flat chain will conduct the cables from the desk to the flush mounted socket outlet box in the floor