Hager Environment Policy

Environmental considerations are an integral part of the Hager Group's commitment to sustainability. Hager has contributed to measures for ecological efficiency and environmental protection.

We strives to …

1.Consider natural resources at all times

2.Define the sustainable environment performance of our new products via an ecological design system which is based on evaluations for the entire product life cycle

3.Include environmental factors in our risk assessment procedures relating to the bigger customer projects.

4.Furbish and present our factories in their surroundings appropriately so that they comply with all relevant regulations and, where reasonable, go beyond them in avoiding and recycling waste and in recovering raw materials

5.Develop our production processes with a clear focus on boosting energy and resources efficiency.

Global application

  • Promote awareness among Hager employees by means of training programmes, information measures and working conditions that are appropriate in terms of our environmental policy
  • Assist in the transfer of eco-efficient technologies to the emerging industrial countries
  • The energy-saving systems, products and services we offer all help reduce energy and go easy on natural resources

Environmental legislation

Excute REACH policy

As a certified company and according to our environmental protection philosophy, it is a matter of course that we voluntary adapt all products to the REACH standard within a worldwide programme, so exceeding the legal requirements.

New Packaging Developments

Recognising that eco-efficiency is not just limited to products,
Hager has now optimised its packaging designs in line with various economic and environmental considerations.

Award for Corporate Culture Excellence

On 25th March, Hager Group was awarded the Prix de l’Excellence Sociétale (Award for Corporate Culture Excellence) whose theme for 2009 was sustainable growth.

This award is a distinction created within the framework of the “Grand Prix de l’Entreprise Patrimoniale et Familiale” (Grand Prix for owner-managed and family businesses), whose theme for 2009 was sustainable growth.

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