New Masterbrand

In 2009, in harmony with the alternation of generations in the top management, Hager takes a new orientation in its branding and appearance.

Hager: A new direction, a new image

Over the past years, Hager's range of systems has grown considerably. Additionally, Hager provides an increasing volume of complete solutions. All this is presented in the modern, up-to-date appearance of the Hager brand.

The well-proven logo remains unchanged. As addition, the two squares with rounded corners in a bright orange which read as a colon signify: Hager is the answer and the solution to re-quests. The brand recognition is unchanged. The fresh orange coloured colon adds extra brightness to the brand logo.

The new logo creates a new image in colours, layout and appearance. It represents the new fresh, spirited, up-to-date Hager brand. One main objective of the branding initiative is to create a clearly structured offer and to strengthen the Hager master brand.

You may have already noticed, with the recent introduction of the MCB products that we have changed the Hager logo which now replaces the previous design, and over the next few months the logos for tehalit will disappear and be integrated under this Hager logo, but they will remain as range names.

We have already completely changed our web site to the new branding and our catalogues, literature and other external communications will also change. During the next 12 months, our labelling and packaging will also start to evolve.

*since Sep 1st, all old Hager logos on products, labels packaging, instruction leaflets and accompanying documents will be replaced by the new logo next year. The whole change procedure will be scheduled within 2 years.

New product segmentation

In order to help our customers to find the right product and solution, Hager has divided its wide range of products into four different sectors which are clearly indicated by different col-ours:

  • Energy distribution (Blue)
  • Cable management (Grey)
  • Building automation & Wiring accessories (Green)
  • Security (Purple)
So far, the company's know-how has been subdivided into different brands. With the integra-tion of all the brands, the complete offer is unified in one and the same brand: Hager - thus concentrating the potential of innovation.

*Security products are temporarily not sold in China market.