check.hager a detection weapon

“Check.hager" 'is a detection weapon to fight against counterfeiting

The system proposes 2 types of forms


1. Sole identification number recorded by Hager in its data base.

2. Free consultation on Internet site Hager ( by any user in the world.

3. Information in real time and geographical localisation of the copies.

4. Coherency with the ethical charter with the distributors.

Mandatory recording

  • Access to the procedure of authentification after recording (free
  • Data protection collected against any unauthorized access; no
    transmissions to a third party.

The system proposes 2 types of forms:

Form of authentification – single product
- only indicate the 16 figures of the identification number.

Form of authentification - multiple products >>
- It is possible to capture 1 to 12 identification numbers (16 digits).

Unknown product = alarm message

3 cases can occur:
  • first interrogation and identification number corresponding to the one in the data base = apparently an original product
  • unknown identification number, therefore false = counterfeit
  • same identification number requested more than once = risk of counterfeit on one or more products in circulation

In the last 2 cases, it will be necessary to specify on the form:
  • the date of purchase of the product
  • the name and address of the company where the product was
  • bought.
  • your comments

Once the incident is recorded, the user will be contacted and
accompanied by Hager.