Risks and safety of the goods and people

Non compliance with standards

Counterfeit products do not bring any guarantee of quality and safety for the customers. These products can be dangerous, contain inappropriate materials or of poor quality, are not submitted to testing. Sometimes, only the external appearance is preserved and the vital functions are removed to reduce the costs!

A copy of a Hager

Circuit breaker with a massive steel arc chamber.

A counterfeit of a Hager

Circuit breaker without magnetic and thermal trip.

Dangers and risks of counterfeit products

Beyond the considerable economic and social consequences, all counterfeit products or imitations generally represent high risks of abnormal operation and premature wear that can affect the safety of the goods and people

Consequences :Who is affected:
Safety of the consumer:
high risk of fire, explosions, injury or death.
  • manufacturers
  • distributors, and wholesalers
  • contractors and panel builders,
  • consumers.
Civil/legal liability:
selling counterfeit products is an offence and is liable to legal, civil and customs sanctions.

Ethics and social responsibility:
  • serious contravention of compliance with the social rules and charters
  • inadmissible working conditions,
  • child labour.
  • negative impact on the economy and employment,
  • considerable financial losses at all levels of the economic chain,
  • no respect for the environment.