Hager: Focus on Sustainable Development

Respect for the environment has always been a major concern for Hagar Group. To reduct CO2 emissions, which contribute to climate change, is another sizeable challenge for us.

As an international well-known enterprises, our company has real responsibilities in this respect and has asserted its commitment by manifesting a particular concern for environmental issues in the development and manufacturing fo its products. Meanwhile, we had put into action behaviours and ways to continue our long-term development whilst ensuring a harmounious response to the need for social equity, economic effectiveness and respect for the environment. These include, for example:

  • ISO 14000 certification at many of its sites.
  • Installation of solar panels at the Blieskastel and Obernai sites.
  • Set up waste recycling centre.
  • Re-use of plastics in our injection moulding plants, etc.

Did you know that the Blieskastel factory has been fitted with 3,336 solar panels, which produce 477,000 kWh of power per year, some 4.2% of the site's needs or the equivalent of the consumption of 100 houses? They thus reduce CO2 emissions by 250T per year and make this a pioneering site in terms of renewable energies...

"Construisons Demain"(Buidling tomorrow) is an event that is linked in with France's commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions fourfold by 2050. Hager is reinforcing its commitment to promote sustainable architecture by sponsoring this project.

To achieve sustainable development goal forms part of the long-term approach to managing our resources. Hager Group is initiating concrete actions to set the company firmly on the path to excellence.