Hager on show at the IAA for the first time

Mr Christoph Hartmann, Saarland minister for Economy, visited the Hager booth
This September, for the first time ever, Hager was on show as an exhibitor at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt. The 2011 edition of the enormous trade fair clocked up no fewer than 928,000 visitors from all over the world.

Integrate the charging station into the electrical systems which are already installed

If this year's motto of The Future Comes as Standard" set the general tone – i.e. innovative concepts for a mobile future – our main theme was the infrastructure behind e-mobility, the aim being to open up a new field of business for Hager.
"Eighty per cent of customers will want to refuel their car at the place where they park it for several hours every day, either at home or at work. Which means that the most important source of energy for e-vehicles will be found where Hager has been 'at home' for five decades anyway", says Daniel Hager. An overall situation that takes our solutions into account and integrates the charging station into the electrical systems already installed in buildings.

Packaging optimisation and its special features

The new Hager packaging is reclosable but remains tamper-evident and pilfer-proof. The clear design of the printwork points to a strong branding identity and to a sound environment-friendly approach. For during the
course of the optimisation project, the use of printing inks was reduced sixfold. Plus, thanks to the optimised packaging construction, we will be saving around 300,000 square metres of corrugated cardboard a year.
Last but not least, it was also found possible to use recycled paper instead of the packing materials previously based on fresh fibres. And that corresponds to cuts in the emission of approx. 130 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year worldwide.

In line with our IAA pavilion motto of What Moves People, we concentrated our efforts on explaining the Hager vision of an e-mobile future to the trade-fair visitors. To that effect, we reduced our production presentation to a stand-alone charging station and a wall-mounted application for home use. Most of the pavilion space was thus reserved for four separate communication areas which gave the Hager trade-fair team the opportunity of illustrating our ideas for an e-mobile future to the visitors. But it was not all business. There was some pleasure too – in the form of a puppet theatre which invited visitors to stay for a while and get the Hager message in a nice and humorous way!
In summary, then, the IAA was a great opportunity for both the public at large and the more specialised trade guests to familiarise themselves with our e-mobility solutions and applications. The Hager team was able to register 1,500 professional interviews – which are now being evaluated and processed by the Electro Vehicle Charging Stations business unit headed by Marc Helfter in Heltersberg.

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