IP 55/66

Hager IP55/66 weatherpro range of wiring accessories are tough, durable options for outdoor or the more arduous environments around your home, commercial buildings or workshops.

The range is available in IP55, 1 gang to 3 gang switches and sockets 1 gang and 2 gang switched and un-switched, IP66 sockets are available 1 gang un-switched and 2 gangs switched and un-switched.

More Features

  • IP55 switches can be operated through the clear membrane thereby maintain full IP55 rating status of the switch on/off can be seen through the clear membrane.
  • 20 mm conduit knockouts are available on all 4 sides.
  • IP66 13 A fuse spur units available switched or un-switched.
  • Strong reinforced lid for greater durability.
  • Lid of the IP66 range can be closed fully when 13 A plug with cord grip is inserted. Maintaining IP66 rating.

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