Tectomat 360 S and 360 SE

Infra-red movement detectors for interior lighting

Tectomat 360S and 360SE are designed for the lighting control in the passage areas (halls, stair-case, corridors). Sensitive to the infra-red radiation, they are available in flush or surface mounting. The detection distance is 6m diameter and 2.50m height. The detection zone is 360°. Lights are inhibited from being switched on if natural light is sufficient in the room. They are equipped with a double lens (Flash patent) which offers an exceptional fineness in infrared detection. Micro-movements are sufficient to switch on and maintain the light on; same for the heating and ventilation.

Mounting applications

  • Mounting of Tectomat 360SE in a standard 75mm dia. wall box and fastening by two spring clips. The connection system complies with the installation standards concerning dismountable ceiling (attaches cable clamp and protection cover).
  • Mounting of Tectomat 360S with trunkings thanks to side pre-cutouts.
  • Control of lighting by 8A volt-free contact.
References Tectomat 360 S (ref. EE804 / 52370): surface mounting Tectomat 360 SE (ref. EE805 / 52371): flush-mounting

Available colors

52372 - silver
52374 - gold
52373 - silver
52375 - gold