Tectomat Presio

New Tectomat Presio are particularly adapted to the commercial and industrial premises (offices, buildings, hotels, schools, hospital…) whose occupants may not switch off the light or ventilation when they leave the places.

Presence detector over 360° for interior lighting

Assured discretion
Flush mounted fixed at the ceiling, they detect over 360° and are easily ignored with their modest size. The adjustable head allows adapting the detection zone according to the room’s configuration.

A double patented lens
They are equipped with a double lens (Flash patent) which offers an exceptional fineness in infrared detection. Micro-movements are sufficient to switch on and maintain the light on; same for the heating and ventilation applications.

Features of the Tectomat Presio

  • With the automatic management of the lighting/ventilation, you can make significant savings in power consumption and the occupants are not under constraints.
  • Visual comfort is maintained whatever the conditions of natural illumination
  • For big areas which are equipped with several detectors, it is possible to synchronise the detectors with the function Master/Slave.

Several versions

Version lighting/ventilation
Tectomat Presio 1S has an output contact 16A for the control of a lighting area. Tectomat Présio 2S ensures the control of lighting and ventilation too. An entry push-button allows it to carry out exemptions. This version answers to the recommendation of the RT 2000.

Version using the variation
Tectomat Présio 1R allows maintaining, in addition to presence detection, a constant illumination level by 1/10V dimming, regardless of the lighting conditions.