Programming key

Three principal advantages to retain

Saving and duplication of programs
You have the possibility of copying a program on a key, and thus, quickly recopying it on other time switches. It is also useful for a backup of security of your programs of time switches.

Constitution of a keys library
To each key correspond a standard program. As for the user, he can have several keys adapted to its way of life (day shift, night shift, summer, winter, holidays…).

Permanent exemptions for programming
To modify the program in progress temporarily, you only need to introduce a key with a different programme to the one of the time switch. The program of the key will then be activated. As soon as the key is removed, the initial program is again valid. The programming of the key can be carried out without tension (at home) on another time switch or thanks to a programming software available on PC and to its interface box.

Other accessories

Useful, the locking key
This key (ref. EG004) allows to lock the programming of the time switch by simple insertion in the device.

Practical, the storage module for 3 keys
Box (ref. EG006) of 1 module to clip on rail DIN of the board.