E3/DC introduces first certified combined solution for bidirectional charging to the German-speaking market

When the car battery supplies the house with energy: With this product solution, households can use solar energy from their roof even more flexibly and increase their independence from the grid.
From now, E3/DC, Hager Group’s innovative brand for energy storage solutions, will be offering a bidirectional charging solution buildings in combination with a home storage solution, making it the first supplier in the German-speaking market. Initially, a small series of the DC-charging station will be sold by trained specialist partners. Volkswagen is accompanying the market entry by authorising bidirectional DC-charging for a selection of its ID. models. Our partners expect the first installations in Germany to be completed by early 2024.

Speaking at the occasion of the market introduction of EDISON V2H, Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink, CEO of Hager Energy GmbH and founder of the E3/DC brand stressed: “We view direct current-based bidirectional charging as a crucial extension of the home power station concept and as the key to a decentralised energy transition which works 24/7, all year round”. For the first time ever, EVs fulfill an important function even when – and especially when – stationary: they become increased storage for renewable energies in residential and commercial buildings and help to adjust the power generation in situ according to demand. The use of this technology is also known as “vehicle to home” (V2H).

E3/DC products rely completely on low loss direct current technology: Using EDISON V2H allows EVs to be flexibly charged with solar via a CCS plug, feeding the energy back into the house on demand without the need for conversion. The integrated inverter uses the car battery as a second power source alongside the PV installation.

Bidirectional charging: a core research topic at Hager Group
It was already back in 2016 that Hager Group started its intensive research into bidirectional charging. Since 2018 we have been teaming up with renowned car producers. Hager Energy under Andreas Piepenbrink and our Innovation Department have been close partners in this from the very start. “We firmly believe that bidirectional charging is a critical component of a successful energy transition. This solution allows for a more flexible use of renewables. The storage capabilities afforded by an EV supersede those afforded by a stationary home storage and can be used where power is needed. It is exactly this breakthrough which is necessary to tackle the switch to renewable energies and the increasing demand for electrical energy successfully”, explains Ulrich Rainer from Hager Group’s Innovation Department.
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Currently Hager Group is engaged in a field test in cooperation with Audi. This test is designed to gain further insights into the optimal usage of the systems in order to increase autarky, extend battery life and make the user experience even more intuitive.

E3/DC, part of "Best of Germany Industry" !

HagerEnergy GmbH is one of the 50 companies selected by a panel of experts as exemplary representatives of the innovative strength and competitiveness of the German industry. E3/DC's entrepreneurial story is now a chapter in the volume "Best of German Industry," published for the first time by the ZEIT publishing group.

E3/DC founder Andreas Piepenbrink was delighted with the selection: "E3/DC is synonymous with innovation and technological leadership in the industry - so we are particularly pleased to receive this award."

A selection of German companies is featured in the first edition of "Best of German Industry," an illustrated book to be presented in December 2023, containing 50 portraits of German industrial companies that stand out for their innovation, growth, and competitiveness. This is not the first time that E3/DC has been featured in the works of the ZEIT publishing group's media brand "Deutsche Standards": in 2021, the brand was honored for the third time as an exemplary brand for a type of product in the "Marken des Jahrhunderts."

Hager Group:

Daniel Hager assumes the Chairmanship of the Supervisory Board of Hager Group on December 1st, 2023 succeeding the long-standing chairman Günther Fleig. Concurrently, Dr. Filip Thon, Chairman of the Management Board of E.ON Deutschland, has been appointed member of the Supervisory Board succeeding Evi Hager. Prof. Dr. Rainer Lorz becomes Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Prof. Dr. Ing. Gisela Lanza, Peter Hager and Antoine Raymond will remain on the Supervisory Board.
Upon Günther Fleig's departure, Daniel Hager expressed “sincere appreciation for Günther Fleig’s remarkable contributions. Since our paths crossed in 2010/2011, his many qualities led us to appoint him as Chairman of the Supervisory Board in June 2014. From strategic decisions to personnel matters, our collaborative discussions as well as his open and direct style have been instrumental in shaping the company's trajectory.

Daniel Hager also thanked Evi Hager for her commitment, “serving as Deputy Chairman since June 2008, Evi has consistently prioritised communal interests, displaying a profound understanding of the company's needs. Preserving our identity as a family business has always been paramount. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Evi for her unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit.”

After 15 successful years, Daniel Hager, third generation Hager-family-owner has handed over the operational leadership as CEO to Sabine Busse. She started in August 2023 as the new CEO of Hager Group and is assuming full leadership of the company on 1st December after a Co-CEO transition period.

With the new appointments and changes in the key bodies, Hager Group further strengthens its position as a strong-growing leading supplier of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The brand E3/DC becomes a partner of the German National Alpine Ski Team

New energy for the national team from E3/DC, Hager Group’s home power station brand.
It’s official: from the current season until 2026, E3/DC will be a partner of the German National Alpine Ski Team. Starting with the season’s first event in Sölden, Austria, on October 28th, the team will wear outfits sporting the E3/DC logo. The Managing Director of Marketing of the German Ski Association (DSV), Walter Vogel, is delighted to have found a fitting partner: “E3/DC is a dynamic, goal-orientated enterprise and so are we. I’d like to mention especially their support for the Alpine Junior Team. This guarantees support where it’s needed most”.

Similar challenges and values
As a pioneer in renewable energy, E3/DC knows what it means to prepare meticulously for unknown terrain and then attack it with confidence and vigour, not giving up when the going gets tough. Innovation is part and parcel of E3/DC and CEO Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink is keen to point out that the company will extend its support to outstanding young talents: “Just as we do in our core business, we want to support current and future high achievers in the sports arena on their road to success. We even recognize some of the challenges of Alpine skiing as being similar to our own efforts to work for a decentralised energy transition: speed and precision, the will to succeed and concentration, versatility and industriousness”.

Piepenbrink and his team have built a pioneering business that produces intelligent storage systems for solar power, known as home power stations. E3/DC also specializes in innovative charging technology for e-mobility. In the DACH region, the company is a leader in solar emergency power supply.

Relentless drive
None of this would have been achieved without vision, drive and optimism, characteristics which E3/DC shares with the DSV team. DSV’s Managing Director Sport, Wolfgang Maier, points out the athletes are highly motivated for this coming season and can’t wait to get going: “Reigning world champion, Alexander Schmid or Lena Dürr who came third in the world championship slalom last year have gone perfectly through our preparations and are ready to go. Emma Aicher, who is joining us from the junior team, is one to watch.” For a special highlight, the World Cups at home in Garmisch-Partenkirchen will see tailored events that are being prepared by the DSV and E3/DC at the moment. This is part of E3/DC’s desire to not only support elite sports but also offer their partners special access to this exclusive world of top competitive sports.

Hager Group Awards 2023:

Each year at Hager Group we embark on a multitude of projects. They are the result of 12.900 dedicated and motivated employees applying themselves at work. We created the Hager Group Awards in recognition of the individual and team successes achieved within our company.

For the second Hager Group Awards ceremony around 140 colleagues gathered at the Hager Forum in Obernai on the evening of 18th October. The event focused on innovation, technical excellence, outstanding performance and all those who have contributed to it. They serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for us all.

The entire Board of Directors was on hand to duly honour the winners as well as all finalists and participants. First time attendee Sabine Busse, Chairman of the Board, left impressed: “For me, one of the key elements in this journey starting to lead Hager Group are employees, as you. And that is why employee recognition is really the core of what we do at Hager Group, in order to ensure that also going forward we have motivated employees. A lot of the activities we have seen at the awards show this passion and commitment.”

Not everyone who deserved to be on stage was there, but the Hager Group Awards represent much more than just this one evening. The winners stand for the many small triumphs we all achieve which pass without recognition as well as the hard work we put in every day to make our company a success.

Annual Report 2022/23: Powering up with education

At Hager Group we have always have been serious about education. Our people and industry have a responsibility to train and lead the way for new developments.
“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Malcolm X

This year’s annual report focuses on the people and educative systems in place that are making these changes happen despite the difficulties with the war for talents. The various chapters show the direction we are taking and our initiatives to shape the electrical world of tomorrow.

Interviews with colleagues from across the board and external experts show us just how important continuous learning is. Pick up a copy to discover more about how colleagues are empowered when furthering their skills. Be inspired the commitment of learners and trainers to acquire further knowledge. Find out how today’s actions prepare for the future and how we can stay relevant in a constantly changing world.

Our approach sets us apart and we know that together we will be a force to reckon with, together we will be stronger and more agile.

Curious to discover our next Annual Report?
Discover more information about annual report:
@ https://hagergroup.com/annualreport

Fabrice Amedeo, the courage at the helm

Since 1955, the success of Hager Group has been based on courage, as well as on the willingness to take calculated risks. We find both elements in offshore sailing. This practice closely combines the spirit of exploration, curiosity and the will to face the unknown.

Without a good dose of the latter, professional sailors cannot reach "new shores". It is this common ground that Hager Group and Fabrice Amedeo share and that has led them both to join forces on the road to Vendée Globe 2024.

Hager Group factory inauguration in Bieruń.

A new Hager Group factory in the Silesian town of Bieruń, Poland, is supporting our growing business. This €50 million investment enables Hager Group to increase the circuit-breaker production capacity, further develop the product portfolio and improve availabilities on the market. The new factory will employ 1000 people and is the third production plant in Poland after Kornik and Tychy.

"This investment further strengthens our market position in Poland, which we have built over 30 years and is an important milestone for our further growth in Europe. With the new factory, Poland is among the key locations for production plants at Hager Group" Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group says.

Jacek Lubecki, President of Hager Group in Poland adds: “With the new factory we increase our production capacity and ensure that the availability of our solutions matches future demand. I am pleased to observe that we continue to improve and grow in Poland both in terms of market development and production.” Poland currently ranks as the third-largest country in terms of Hager Group employees, following behind France and Germany.

The new factory, located about 30 minutes' drive from the centre of Katowice, has been developed to a high standard of sustainable construction and the building has been built to BREEAM Excellent standard. It boasts an integrated quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Energy requirements will be partly covered by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof.

The inauguration ceremony, held on September 19th, was a gala event attended by several hundred customers, business partners as well as esteemed representatives of local and regional authorities. The occasion marked not only the opening of the new manufacturing facility but also the celebration of a 30-year journey of success in Poland.

This inauguration is not only a significant milestone for Hager Group in Poland but also a testament to the company's ambition to shape the electrical world of tomorrow. As Hager Group looks to the future, it remains committed to investing in innovation, particularly in the areas of digitalization and sustainability, to provide groundbreaking products and solutions for its customers and partners.

Hager Group and RCSA: together until 2027!

Partners since 2017, Hager Group and Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace (RCSA) in France, are extending their partnership for the next four seasons until 2027. The Group renewed its commitment to the club’s main team as well as its sports teams.

Hager Group and the RCSA embark on this new cycle of partnership until 2027 filled with energy and enthusiasm. For more than six years, these two brands with strong local roots have been sharing the common values of courage, authenticity and integrity.

"As a family business with strong roots in Alsace and Europe, renewing our partnership with the RCSA for the next 4 years, was a natural step for us, given the values we share and our ongoing quest for excellence. It's an important next step for our brand, but also for our thousands of employees and partners who are supporters of this great team," says Daniel Hager, CEO of the Hager Group.

"A strong bond unites us, and we are delighted to be extending our partnership. Hager is a world-class, family-run, high-performance company with a strong local presence. It is a major group in terms of innovation in the electrical sector and we share a vision and values but also a desire to remain simple and authentic while striving for excellence.

I would like to thank Daniel Hager and the entire management team for this renewed vote of confidence and for their loyal support, which extends beyond football, as the Group will now be working alongside the Association Femmes de Foot through a new solidarity programme," declared Marc Keller.

Hager Group has also decided to extend its commitment to Team Racing Esport. Hager Group has been a partner of the Esports teams since 2021 and hosted the first Racing eSport Live Show last March, with the first live e-Ligue 1 match from its Obernai site.

The Group will also continue to sponsor the RCSA during their European campaigns. The Hager Group logo will be displayed on the RCSA shirts.

Living your passion more intensely
In addition to the visibility of the Hager brand on the shirts and in the stadium, we bring fans, employees and customers closer to the action through numerous exciting activities
#ConnectingPositiveEnergy: after the electrical installations, Hager Group is connecting the energy of the fans that transcends the players on the pitch. To celebrate this positive energy, various activities will be put in place in the stadium and on the Group's digital platforms.

This partnership will enable the company to strengthen the image of its Hager brand and raise its profile with a wider audience.

Hager Group welcomes Sabine Busse as new CEO

  • Daniel Hager, a member of Hager Group’s third family-owner generation, hands over operational leadership after 15 successful years
  • Sabine Busse brings extensive international leadership experience in the energy, electrical and automation sector
  • Daniel Hager takes over Chairmanship of Hager Group Supervisory Board
Hager Group welcomes Sabine Busse as new Chief Executive Officer succeeding long-time CEO Daniel Hager. Sabine Busse jointly leads the company with Daniel Hager for three months. By 1st December, with Daniel Hager's transition to the Chairmanship of the Supervisory Board, Sabine assumes full responsibility in leading the company.

Sabine Busse (46), a Swiss-German citizen, is a highly experienced international executive in the energy, electrical and automation sector. Until recently she was Corporate Officer of Hitachi Ltd (based in Tokyo) and before that Chief Marketing Officer responsible for leading Hitachi’s group-wide global Marketing & Sales transformation. Until 2021, she was the Division President for ABB’s global Measurement & Analytics business and prior to this, Senior Vice President of the ABB Group Head Marketing & Sales (based in Zurich). Before joining ABB, she held various senior customer and service-related leadership positions with Alstom in Baden, Paris and Kuala Lumpur; she started her career at Siemens in Munich. Sabine Busse holds a Magister Artium (Master’s degree) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

Hager Group wishes Sabine Busse a great start and every success in her new role.

Hager Group awarded 2023 CEO/CHRO duo award

Under the banner of "praise of the duos", the 20th annual CEO/CHRO Team Trophies highlighted the partnership and role of Daniel Hager and Franck Houdebert in the development and economic as well as social transformation of Hager Group with all the company's employees.

They have worked together alongside the company’s employees over the last 20 years to ensure economic and social transformation as well as the development of employees. This includes the creation of the "Hager Group" corporate brand, strategic plans, company values, training & seminars, development programmes, the corporate university Hi!, to name but a few, the duo has distinguished themselves on numerous occasions since 2003, when Daniel Hager joined the group.

Daniel Hager comments that, “our values and DNA are what make us who we are today. We constantly transform, share and develop. So, this trophy really is the recognition of the approach we started 20 years ago and above all celebrates all the employees who have grown with us and who are part of Hager Group today.”

Franck Houdebert adds, "this trophy is a collective distinction linked to our profound conviction that our company's development is hand in hand with employee and team development.”
Daniel Hager
Chairman of the Management Board

Daniel Hager was born in Saarbrücken in 1972. He studied at the Solvay Business School in Brussels, the University of Paris X Nanterre and EAP / ESCP Europe. Throughout his career, Daniel Hager has always been involved in the world of electricity. In 2003, he joined Hager Group, the family business founded by his grandparents, father and uncle. After holding a number of management positions, he became Chairman of Executive Board in 2008.

Daniel Hager is on the boards of a number of associations, including the Fédération des Industries Eléctriques, Eléctroniques et de Communication, FIEEC, and the German counterpart ZVEI.

Franck Houdebert
Group Human Resources Director

Franck Houdebert was born in 1965. After studying at the Nantes Audienca business school, he started his career in various European industrial groups. In 2001 he joined Hager Group, where he has held a number of different positions in Human Resources. As of 1st January 2016, he joined the Executive Board of Hager Group and exercises his responsibilities in the areas of Human Resources, CSR and Corporate Communications. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of UIMM Alsace.

20th Annual CEO/HDR Duo Awards

Under the patronage of Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration, and under the direction of Edgard Added, Chairman of the RH&M Group, the 20th edition was held on 4th July, 2023 in Paris; four other CEO/HRD duos were selected by the 200 strong HR-director jury: Air France, L'Oréal, Kering and Renault.

Hager Group acquires Eficia to accelerate growth in energy management

Sowing the seeds for the future

The energy market is booming and the future is electric. In line with Hager Group strategy, acquiring majority stakes in Eficia will enable the group to reinforce its energy management offer, delivering energy and CO2 savings to commercial segment customers, while exploring new business models. Eficia is recognised for the uniqueness of the company’s value proposition in building energy management services and remote control. Eficia will benefit from Hager Group’s reach and expertise to accelerate growth, expand internationally and address new customers’ demands. Both companies will build on their recognised know-how to develop innovative solutions to meet customers’ energy and environmental challenges.

Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group: “Together with Alric Marc and the management team, we are enthusiastic and fully committed to starting a successful journey together and bring innovative solutions and services to the market. Eficia will help us to grow together to shape the electrical world of tomorrow. With Eficia we bring together the best of two worlds, a solid global business with a proven business model and a highly specialised innovative service provider.”

Created in 2013, Eficia is an innovative French company specialising in energy management via remote control services for commercial buildings. A pioneer in the energy transition market, it is the first company to have developed a global and fully integrated solutions and services capable of optimising building energy systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting equipment in real time thanks to intelligent algorithms. A team of energy specialists available are 24/7 to advise and optimise customers’ energy consumption and comfort.

The Eficia story
This service company was founded in Paris in 2013 by Alric Marc. Around 100 Eficia colleagues are joining Hager Group; the company is constantly expanding into the fast growing European market with its energy management services, with a current focus on France, Spain and Italy. Alric Marc, the Founder, Julien Bellynck the Managing Director and Eficia’s experts will continue their success story, together with Hager Group.

Alric Marc, CEO of Eficia comments: "It’s an important step for Eficia’s development. Our ambition was to choose an owner to support our development and share our beliefs and vision for the future. Joining Hager Group will pave the way to new growth opportunities, fed by innovative solutions to meet new energy management needs. We are fully committed to working with the group and are looking forward to joining forces to solve our customers’ most pressing energy saving needs."


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We are ready to make a contribution to a better future. Our sustainability policy paves the way to get there. We call it E3: Ethics, Employees and Environment. Find out all about it here.

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