Hager Group proudly renews its label in favour of carers

Our commitment to supporting our employees who are caregivers is recognised
We are delighted to share with you that the Cap Handéo organisation has once again awarded us the label "company committed to its employees who provide care". We are proud to have been one of the first five companies in France to be recognised for our commitment to carers.

At Hager Group, over 22% of our employees are caregivers. Caregiving is a societal challenge that will continue to grow in the years to come. As a reminder, "carers" are employees who provide non-professional assistance, in part or in full, to a dependent person in their environment, for the activities of daily life. They may be spouses, children, parents or relatives.

"We know that this role of caregiver can be complicated to manage on a daily basis, which is why Hager Group supports these employees, in order to reconcile their professional and personal life as well as possible. As a family business that is sensitive to the well-being of its employees, it is crucial for us to take ownership of the concept of employee carers and to implement concrete actions to support them," says Catherine Distel, Welfare Officer.

Hi! University takes top spot on the "Learning Company" podium

Hager Group wins U-Spring 2023 Gold Medal
We are delighted to announce that Hi! University has won the prestigious "Gold Trophy - Learning Company" at the 8th edition of U-Spring, “Le printemps des universités” dedicated to the corporate universities. This award is given to companies that stand out for their training culture, the opportunities they present to their employees' for skills development and their commitment to providing high quality training to support the company's growth.

"We are proud to receive this recognition for our efforts and will continue to work together to build a learning culture where continuous learning is valued and encouraged," says François Belot, Group Learning Director.

At Hager Group, we believe that learning is a continuous process and that our employees are our most valuable asset. We have therefore put in place initiatives to encourage continuous learning, including through our online training courses.

Congratulations to all the teams involved in this success story and for their continued commitment to training and developing the skills of all of us.

Racing Esport Live Show 2023 - a premiere that lived up to its promise!

A day of discovery and wonder
On Wednesday 29th March, nearly 600 people could be found at Hager Forum in Obernai to discover the world of gaming and Esport. The day was packed with different animations; the highlight was the eligue1 game between the RCSA Esport and the Girondins de Bordeaux Esport. It was a first for France and the public were delighted.

Throughout the whole event, an enthusiastic public enjoyed all sorts of activities ranging from free access gaming workshops with virtual reality, retrogaming, family games, a FIFA area, not to mention photo shootings and make-up artists ready to decorate people’s faces football style. Did you know that there was also a video game where participants moved around to complete 6 different levels, of course all hoping to win a prize.

On the big screen, the public was able to watch demonstration matches (eLigue1 and R1esport) with the exceptional presence of three skilled professional players from RCSA, Jean-Ricner Bellegarde, Thomas Delaine and Eiji Kawashima.

Before the big event at 6.30pm, the Storcki team and a cosplay parade got everyone in the football mood.

The first pro e-Ligue 1 match in public
The BIG 6.30 pm event was the 8th day match of eLigue 1 RCSA-Bordeaux. It was the first official match played in public in France. "SAAD" and "BOOMBES19", coached by "SAMSAM", won 2-1 in a fiery atmosphere, worthy of the Meinau stadium in Strasbourg, France. A winning goal scored in the third game, just two minutes from the end created a huge buzz of excitement. Samy Banzet, alias Saban eNonda was the enthusiastic commentator.

Thanks to this victory, the Alsatian club to move up to 10th place and hope for the play-offs.

Vincent Scius, Sponsorship Communications Manager of Hager Group, comments on Hager Group’s commitment to RCSA esports from the word go: "From the outset, our shared ambition with RCSA was to produce a major event that would highlight both talent of the Esports team and also the passion there is for esports and gaming. By organising this event, we further demonstrate our commitment to the RCSA by developing innovative actions for our employees, fans and partners. The success of this first edition is a perfect illustration of our commitment, and at the end of the day we were all feeling very happy and proud.”

"The presence of a large audience confirms RCSA’s selection of local players; there is a special relationship between our supporters and players who all carry RCSA in their hearts." emphasized Benjamin Guthleben, RCSA’s Director of Communications and Marketing.
After six months of preparations and commitment from Hager Group, the Sonnenhof Protestant Foundation and ES Energy Services, the result is successful connection to the Foundation’s biomass heating system.

There are multiple objectives for the site:
- reducing carbon footprint and dependence on natural gas,
- pooling the energy network with local players and
- developing a circular economy.

The switch from natural gas to biomass will cut annual CO2 emissions by more than 300 tons.

The 500,000€ investment in the necessary infrastructure was supplemented by nearly 150,000€ in public aid, notably from ADEME. (Agence de l'environnement et de la maîtrise de l'énergie – an agency specialised in energy management).

In the long term, the site's current heating units, which mainly run on natural gas, will be dismantled and recycled.

The Bischwiller industrial site is the first of the group's 20 production sites to benefit from this type of investment. This approach is part of Hager Group's environmental strategy to reduce its industrial greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 & 2) by 50% by 2030. By 2022, emissions from all the group's factories had been reduced by 6% compared to 2021.

What is biomass?

Biomass is renewable organic material that comes from plants and animals.
It is used to produce electricity or heat through the combustion of organic matter.

How is it used at Bischwiller?

The biomass plant of the Protestant Sonnenhof Foundation supplies Hager Group with heat in the form of hot water. This is fed into two on-site substations. The heat is then converted into warm air and distributed to the heating system.

Local sourcing

The biomass boiler is fueled by forestry operations residues within a radius of 100 km - the Vosges mountains and the Black Forest.

The ash from the wood combustion is recovered in a local composting centre.

Our 2021/22 Annual Report

Hager Group Annual Report 2021/22
Discover our annual report. Get a flavour of who we are and what we are doing. Contents range from testimonials from our colleagues who are passionate about what they do, to highlighting our innovative solutions, and to discovering the numerous challenges we face to exciting new projects. We are unique, we are Hager Group.

Discover more information about annual report:
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