Tebis KNX Home and Building Control System

At the heart of every tebis system is the built-in software, providing intelligent control and management for your automation requirement.


With tebis all of your electric via intelligent switches, remote controls or even computers.

With just one press of a tebis button your electric appliances are automated and total control is at your fingertips.

Benefits of KNX bus technology

  • Integrate into one system the services and functions that previously worked independently of each other
  • Make modifications easier
  • Make the electrical installation more reliable,reducing the chance of electrocution
  • Tailor the switch commands to ensure greater user comfort

A system which is easy to install

  • All output (control) devices are connected to input devices via 2 bus wires
  • All of the electrical loads are controlled by output devices
  • The allocation of links between the push buttons(inputs) and the loads(outputs) is by means of a programming device called a configurator or via ETS software on a PC


In a sport hall

The lighting must be adapted to the activity taking place (tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc.) as well as for the occasion (matches, training, preparation, etc).

The "Projection" scenario

This makes it possible to move straight from a meeting sequence to a projection sequence and vice-versa with a single command. As well as managing the lighting, this command can also drive the motorised screen and supply power to the projector.

"Leaving home" scenario

A single gesture is enough to:
  • Turn out all the lights
  • Lower all the shutters
  • Reduce the heating
  • Etc.

The scenario, which can be changed at will, can be activated with a push button in the hall, at the garage door or by radio remote control.

Benefits that can be sold to the final users

  • Tebis offers the highest level of comfort possible
  • Tebis ensures that inevitable future modifications can be handled at least cost and are easy to do
  • Tebis offers the most economical control of electricity
  • Using remote controls to simplify your life
  • Adding new push buttons without touching your decor