Building Automation

Hager range of wiring accessories & building automation are made to answer all your needs.
They ensure quality and safety and obtained the british standard certification.
As the leader of European .
We always insist on using advanced technology
to provide people with safe, reliable, and
stylish products to meet their needs
of high standard living.

Among the products, Tebis KNX
System and Wiring Accessories
will give you wonderful
electric experience.

Tebis KNX System

Hager Tebis KNX System is one of the most successful and robust automation systems in the market.


Eco-ficient solutions

An initiative by Hager to manage consumption and save energy by using adapted devices.

Since the Kyoto Protocol Treaty, more and more emphasis has been put on the need for energy saving awareness affecting individuals and businesses alike. The treaty outlined targets for developed countries to reduce their CO2 emissions; a challenging task due to the increasing use of cars and industrial development.