Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page covers the most common questions received from our customers. This section will be regularly updated to provide you with the answers to your questions. If you are unable to find the answer you require, then please contact our Technical Team ,who will be happy to help.
What is the difference between RCCB and ELCB?
Unlike other makes of RCCBs, Hager RCCBs are designed with an anti-nuisance tripping feature, and do not unnecessarily tripped unless there is a genuine earth fault. The careful choice of material used, robust filtering characteristics and high quality manufacturing processes ensure that the Hager RCCB remains one of the most reliable and widely used brand in many countries.
Can I use MCB and RCCB for DC (direct current) application?
RCCB is only meant for AC supply and will not function on DC circuits. MCB can be used on DC circuits but some of the characteristics, eg. breaking capacity, magnetic setting, will be altered. Pls consult the technical pages on our general catalogue or contact us for more info.
How can I protect my electronic devices such as home theatre system and CCTV system from being destroyed during thunderstorms?
Lightnings create transient overvoltages which can be detrimental to sensitive electronic equipment. Surge protective devices (SPDs) or surge arresters are used to divert these overvoltages to the ground. Hager offers a wide range of SPDs for different applications.
How can I automatically control the switching on / off the load according to a specific time?
Time-switches allow user to set the time to switch on and off the connected circuits. The weekly or 7-day time-switches allow you to even have different time-settings in each day of the week. There is even an annual time-switch where user can program the public holidays into the device. Time-switches come with or without supply failure reserve. The supply failure reserve ensures that the timing of the time-switch continues to run even in the event of a power failure. The supply failure reserve of Hager electromechanical time-switches is 200 hrs and for the digital time-switches, which are incorporated with lithium battery, the supply failure reserve ranges from 3 to 5 years, depending on model.
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