Wiring Accessories

Hager range of wiring accessories & building automation are made to
answer all your needs.
They ensure quality and safety and obtained the British standard certification.
As the leader of European .
We always insist on using advanced technology
to provide people with safe, reliable, and
stylish products to meet their needs
of high standard living.

Among the products, Tebis KNX
System and Wiring Accessories
will give you wonderful
electric experience.

Wiring Accessories

Accord with ergonomic principle, Hager Wiring Accessories owns first-class quality, elegance, a stylish and affordable look, whichwill fit perfectly both on your wall and in your lifestyle.

Berker by Hager

The spectrum ranges from classic to contemporary designs. You can choose between various different materials within a number of series. Such a wide variety ensures that each architectural line can be perfected down to the finest details.

Design. Be it classic, modern classic or contemporary, Berker is synonymous with outstanding design.

Individuality. Berker offers you the widest variety of sharpes. And therefore custom solutions for every architectural concept.

Quality. Materials, production, consultancy and services - Berker offers top quality in every area.

Connectivity. Berker switches and systems are open to what's happening today. And to whatever tomorrow may bring.

Independent Function Items

A host of innovative design solutions provide both installer and end user with range of products that is easy to work with and retain their good looks whatever the environment throws at them

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