Annual Report 20/21

Shaping tomorrow’s electrical world

On the way to the electrical world of 2030

How do we want to live? This is the question we need to answer now as we lay the foundations for our collective future.

At Hager Group, we are committed to playing a key role in shaping this future, especially as the world of 2030 is certain to be more digital, electric and sustainable than ever. We will shape this future together with our partners, customers and employees. In short, everyone who is already helping us create a better world with smarter solutions.

In part, therefore, this Annual Report is something of a roadmap, it shows the direction we are taking and outlines some of our focus initiatives and projects that will shape the next decade. It is in keeping with our motto “For you, with you”. Many of these initiatives are part of our new corporate project, Project 2030, with which we are systematically preparing our company for the coming decade. Above all, this Annual Report is an invitation for everyone to join us on our journey because the future won’t wait. It is there to be shaped. Together. With courage. Now.

Daniel Hager
Chief Executive Officer

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