Building bridges

Hager Group Annual Report 2017/18 explores where and how bridges are being built both within the company and far beyond.

Hager Group Annual Report 2017/18:

Hager Group works across cultures and borders in the world of tomorrow, dominated by electronics and technology. The company connects people, products and solutions and this involves combining the past with the future.Some of the topics discussed in the Hager Group Annual Report 2017/18 are: the Designetz project, which acts as a bridge into the energy supply landscape of tomorrow; a conversation with an expert in Smart Charging from Audi AG about the upcoming bridges between cars and buildings; interviews with colleagues who have transcended borders and how Hager Australia has managed to build highly successful bridges to its customers.

The Report also builds bridges between the print and the online version. Many of the articles have additional digital content. This version is enhanced by additional complementary videos, image galleries and links to further information.

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