Under one roof

Hager Forum in Obernai, France, is a place where we can work with customers and partners to shape the future. That makes it a perfect symbol of the innovative power of Hager Group.

Hager Forum

One family
The world is changing, and we are changing with it. As a family company, we have grown steadily over the last sixty years to become a reliable partner to expert technicians and electrical wholesalers around the world. All while remaining true to ourselves and to our values. And so we continue today, with a number of well-known brands – each with their own distinctive strengths – working together under the Hager Group umbrella.

Your trust
As a partner and customer, you can choose from the entire range of products and services offered by every member of our brand family. Our new corporate image highlights our shared strengths even more clearly. From now on, each of our brands will be easily recognisable as a ‘Member of Hager Group’. The new corporate image also involves some colour and design changes. Our core promise remains the same: we will always work with you to succeed together.

Our strengths
We have huge opportunities ahead. The upcoming modernisation of existing buildings, intelligent building technology, digital services, new energy sources and technologies – all of this opens up new, exciting potential for you and for us.
At the same time, business requirements are becoming more and more complex. That’s why it’s so important for you to have Hager Group specialists supporting you with all of their expertise. Together, we are stronger. Together, we will overcome the complex challenges of our time with simple, impressive solutions – just as we have been doing for the last six decades.