2018/19 Annual Report

Energy transition: Hager Group Annual Report 2018/19

Exploring the energy transition: about the new Annual Report

The theme of Hager Group's new Annual Report is Energy Transition. A turning point that can take many forms... There are challenging times ahead for us all. To help protect our planet’s resources, the current energy landscape is being transformed. We are changing the way we think about traffic, buildings and infrastructure, because we all want to live safer, more comfortable and, above all, more sustainable lives. By exploring together new technologies and innovative ways of working, we are developing future-focused solutions for our customers, our partners and all those who believe in progress.

In other words, with this new Annual Report, we show you how we are taking the future into our own hands. We visit the Pune plant in India, where we are deploying all our energy to prepare for economic growth there. We enter the world of E3/DC, the German leader in energy storage and management systems and discover what the energy landscape could look like in the next 20 years. We discuss the changes in our market and the emergence of new distribution channels in a conversation with our customers. And we test innovative and agile working methods for the development of the product hello and look at how networks create new forms of cooperation.

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